Welcome to Sam Conroy's Website

Hi, my name is Sam Conroy and this is my windsurfing website. I got into windsurfing through a friend’s dad, he was instructing on the local course for Hythe hotshots team 15 and I just went along with my friend and stepped on a board. From that moment on I didn’t look back!!!!

What is it I like about windsurfing? The feeling you get when windsurfing is great either going along the water at speed, jumping through the air, riding waves, being upside down during loops and sliding through complex
freestyle moves. These are all amazing feelings that nobody can understand until they have actually windsurfed! Also the windsurfing community is great, everyone gets on with each other and are friendly to each other, you can turn up at any beach not knowing anyone and get right into a
conversation with another windsurfer.

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