It’s been a while since my last blog post and a lot has gone on recently so I’ll give you a brief summary :) :

First off, it’s been nice to be getting some very warm weather recently, however, warmth and wind don’t generally go hand in hand in England which is a shame! With all this warm weather I had an unexpected full power session on Monday which was awesome! Wind was only meant to be breaching the 20 knot barrier slightly yet we got 25-30 knots which was really good, and with the clocks forward it meant I could spend longer on the water which meant I got to sail as the tide was dropping and it was getting flatter and flatter on the inside! I was really stoked with my session as I am now getting really consistent with my spocks in all wind strengths and sea states which is good, My flaka attempts have come back to normal instead of the half flaka/half ponch ones that came out of nowhere and never worked! And I finally landed my first flaka in 4 months which was a good feeling again! Attempts are also getting consistent and better (basically sliding all the time now). My switch has also come on big time, I’m consistent with ducking the sail and staying fully planing and now getting the pop on my funnels sorted!

So after a cheeky after session pint I headed home and got straight in the van and went to collect my new board!!!! 2011 RRD Twinzer 88 litre. What a beautiful board! Looks sick and from what I can gather it sails well too. Basically had a really short session on Tuesday on it, wind had dropped to pumping onto the plane with a 5.3 so wasn’t powered up enough to do anything, however I had just got the board and HAD to get out on it!

Next big news is that I have sorted out my deal with my sail sponsors now and have officially signed to XO sails which will now be distributed by Ian Kraft at Surfkraft. At the moment there is still 2010 stock left over in the Surfsales website so if you want to grab a bargain head to their website and pick up some sweet deals on 2010 XO sails and 2010 Exocet boards! They are also still doing all the accessories like masts, mast extensions etc.

Finally, I have applied for a Wild Card to the PWA Podersdorf event in Austria from the 29th of April to the 4th of May. Really hoping I get this Wild Card as it would bring my sailing on a huge amount, especially competing at such a high standard against the guys on the pro tour!! If my application doesn’t get accepted then it will be a big shame but we still have more Brits than normal competing at the even this year with the likes of; Adam Sims, Max Rowe, Andy Chambers, and Jamie Drummond. And I’m sure they will be posting some good results!

Anyway that’s it from me for now… on school holidays now so I’ve got to do some revision, some work, and get out on the water when I can! Looking windy towards the later part of the week! Hopefully get some decent conditions to properly try out the new board!