So I’ve had a busy couple of weeks recently, firstly I had an awesome photo shoot with Luke Yates at Way Ahead Photography and for this I got a load of Dakine goodies from Surf-sales where there is currently a clearance sale going on, so if you fancy getting anything from Dakine/Exocet/XO sails then get onto the website and have a look at the clearance section! Okay, so after my photo shoot I had to get on with some school work which is a massive bore but oh well! And luckily got a session in on the water which was cool! And finally I have got some coverage up on Boardseeker today (check out Wednesday 16th headlines)!

Now some exciting news! Looks like I’m booking 4/5 weeks in Fuerteventura this summer which will be awesome! I will be staying down in Sotovento with a few other guys from the UK which will be really good and the PWA will be on whilst I’m there so I will be watching that for a couple of days!